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“ALWAYS QUALITY, ALWAYS VICO” Modern bathroom faucets Item no.: 75001-1 This kind of modern bathroom faucets is latest fashion with modern style designed by our company, it is very suitable to decorate modern upholstering apartment. Firstly, from the surface treatment, the modern bathroom...

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Item no.: 75001-1



This kind of modern bathroom faucets is latest fashion with modern style designed by our company, it is very suitable to decorate modern upholstering apartment.

Firstly, from the surface treatment, it is used the technique of piano coating, with the finish of white lacquer. While at the aerator, the front end of the spout, the decorating cover of the cartridge, polishing chrome-plated are adopted.  The unique three shining points are obvious at the atmosphere of white color. It’s really the finishing touch. This special idea makes our modern bathroom mixers have much better visual effects with spirit dynamic. The design of the overall oval decorative panel make the lever and spout look separated in shape but united in spirit with strong sense of wholeness. The treatment of whole decorative cover piece with shining lacquer highlights the modern bathroom faucet’s level.

Secondly, this mixer doesn’t use the traditional basin tap’s style, but integrates the virtues of various styles. 1. Use single lever of common upright basin mixer. 2. Adopt the separated spout and lever of the dual-handle faucets. 3. Inject the conception of wall mounted faucets. All the three thoughts above entitle the design inspiration of the modern bathroom faucets. Split type plus wall mount style make this product different from the rest during the using.  It can not only release the space of basin platform, but also make the platform without assembly holes.  All these let our basin platform more beautiful.  At the meantime, the wall-mounted style increase the possibility to chose many styles of basins. You can select countertop as well as under platform without the limit of the height and size of the mixer.

Both the body and mounting accessories are used good quality brass. The aerator can save the water with bubble former. The water running is very balanced and soft.

The faucets and hand showers are melt with high-end design, advanced technology and manufacturing process. Diversified designing styles make them match with various upholstering manners and sanitary appliances.

In order to give you the options to select the faucets which you like most, vico gives the three kinds of styles-City type, Modern-type and Ancient-type which has its own obvious style by itself.

From the geometry lines to gentle and beautiful sense, there will be always one model to meet your requirement and intensify your bathroom.

Every series include basin faucet, bath faucet, bidet faucet and shower faucet which comprise the whole production line. Comprehensive ranges of products secure the coordinating and unifying of the bathroom’s style which can let you imagine artistic and comfortable bathroom lightheartedly.

In order to keep the consistent resident style, many series are outfit with kitchen faucet.

Influenced by minimalism and modern architecture, the urban bathroom is a prudent balance between design and function. The faucet and hardware products are widely used in geometric modeling and equipped with the most advanced technology. Large area of gray tiles continues the style of architecture, and become the background of walking into the shower area. The dark place bathroom faucet only the basic component is exposed on the wall. It is necessary element to realize the shower space that combines urban design and comfortable use performance.

Modern design style combines concise appearance with practical function, which creates enthusiastic bathroom space for thousands of families. The faucet and the flower asperse design USES the chrome-plated surface of the chromium-plated surface, the line is downy, the use is simple, with warm natural color such as cream, cream-colored, white wait for very match, build warm family atmosphere. The function is strong, comfortable and comfortable space is its design goal. It goes beyond the fast-changing trends and endures.

The details of classical architecture and traditional interior decoration style are the inspiration of ancient classic leading products. They are the best combination of the design of the nostalgic aesthetics and the modern technology. With rich color, luxurious adornment surface, the clean of old amorous feelings match, build a school of delicate adornment creed style. The three-hole lavatory sink faucet is the perfect choice of the classical bathroom, the frontier Germany manufacturing technology brings convenient and comfortable operation performance, with the traditional style to complement each other.

This modern bathroom faucet gives the people a kind of art, is your solid choice.


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