Basin Faucet Mixer

Basin Faucet Mixer

Single handle basin faucet mixer 25mm ceramic cartridge Chrome finish

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The first thing you have to do is to turn on basin faucet mixer to wash your face, brush your teeth and make the breakfast. Yet you don’t know that, the water just released from basin faucet mixer may hide "health killers”.

Basin faucet mixer with no use overnight and the tap water in the nearby pipes is still, and the residual microorganisms in the water will multiply. There may be "Legionella".

Overnight stops in the water, with the metal tube wall and the faucet metal produce hydration reaction chamber, the formation of metal pollution in water, this is the first time in the morning when the water is often see some abnormal phenomenon.

For example, the water color is yellow, white, or muddy. The morning water contains the substances harmful to the human body. It’s unfit to drink as well as brush the teeth and gargle.

A basin of water can be released before the water can be used.

Just remember to turn on your basin  faucet mixer every morning, get one basin of water at first, after that do the cleaning job. From the most critical drinking water, we should try to choose the clean drinking water so as to keep the water clean and keep you healthy.

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