Bathroom Wash Basin Faucet

Bathroom Wash Basin Faucet Item No.:75001 Cartridge: diameter 40mm

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The structure of bathroom wash basin faucet

The bathroom wash basin faucet is composed of main body, cartridge, handle, filter nozzle, aerator, installing accessories and so on. Some of the faucets are fitted with check valve, the bubbler aerator, fixed bolts, fixed brass pieces, gaskets, bending feet, flexible hoses, etc. Different faucets will be different.

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The core part of bathroom wash basin faucet is a ceramic valve core---Ceramic Disc Cartridge. The valve core is the heart of the faucet, controlling the mixing ratio of the flow switch, the flow rate and the cold and hot water. The quality of the valve core determines the function reliability and service life of bathroom wash basin faucet.

The ceramic cartridge has a diameter of 25mm,35mm,40mm,42mm and 47mm. Famous brands of ceramic cartridge are like SEDAL from Spain, KEROX from Hungry, FLUESH from Germany, and Hydroplast from Italy, NTK from Japan, thermostatic cartridge Vernrt from French etc., it widely used such as KCG, Mingzhan, Hanyou from Taiwan and Mingshi of zhuhai, etc.

Bathroom wash basin faucet on the market are basically made of brass. The brass used for bathroom wash basin faucet is generally H59, H62, H65 with low lead content, and the lead content is below 2.5%, which is consistent with the national GB/T1176 regulation, and is harmless to human health.

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