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Best bathroom faucets Item no.:71104 40mm cartridge, chrome finish

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Best bathroom faucets

Item no.:71104

This kind of bathroom faucets uses 40mm ceramic cartridge and single lever. Cold and hot water can be mixed together to have a comfortable shower. It can be applied in bathroom, shower room etc. The best bathroom faucets have the screw connection to join with the common shower hose. It’s convenient to operate and easy to install.

The material of both the body and installing fittings all adopts good quality brass which the content of brass can cover more than 59%. It’s very firm and durable. The lever is made by A-grade zamak which is portable to handle, moreover is economical and practical. The whole finish is using the polishing plus plating craft, which realize wear-resisting and artistic. This model of best bathroom faucets is suitable for all kinds of upholstering styles, it’s the necessary style in home bathroom.

The overall design is based on “round”, round lever, cylinder-shaped erect body, cylindrical cold & hot water entering body, round shape decorative rosette, all embodies the style of round. The whole design looks so unified, especially the appearance design on both ends of the body make best bathroom faucets not only simple but also beautiful.


Details determine the quality, this style of best bathroom taps show details at every parts. The cold and hot water button cap use chrome-plated style which enables it more beautiful and superior. The joint of shower hose is used long screw which can adapt all kinds of nuts. Both ends of the body are finished with flat polishing which can keep the sections more flat. The decorative covers are a little thicker than the common one, which can cover up the wall holes perfectly. The wall outlet is connected with the products by turning-style assembling screw thread which can realize the random change of the central distance. This point makes the best bathroom taps posses universality.

The best bathroom faucets focus on using comfort so 40mm cartridge is selected. This will make the water much bigger, which can give you far better shower experience.


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