Kitchen Sink Faucets

Kitchen Sink Faucets

Kitchen Sink Faucets Item no.: 70708-5 Material: Hpb59-1 Brass/Zinc alloy handle/Cartridge: 40mm/Weight:2490g

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Kitchen sink faucets

1. All kinds of impurities in the pipe should be cleaned thoroughly during installation of kitchen sink faucets. Cartridge damage, card resistance, blockage and leakage can be avoided. At the same time, the surface should be cleaned so that there is no residual material.

2. For any kind of kitchen sink faucets, do not need to use too much force on the switch when using, just gently twist or move. In particular, do not use the handle as an armrest to support or use. After use for a period of time, kitchen sink faucets of aerator shall be removed and washed to remove impurities. Products with hoses should be careful to keep the hoses naturally open to avoid breakage.

3. After no use of the water nozzle, it can also be shut down not fully, handle loosing, loose connection and leakage, etc. In general, consumers can solve the problem by themselves.

4. The closure of the sealing water nozzle of the ceramic disc cartridge is not complete, and it may not be enough to scrape the cover of the hard debris or the pretension of the cartridge. If the former, only let the after-sales service department or professional maintenance department of the water mouth production plant repair the kitchen sink faucets. The next problem is simply to tighten the cartridge slightly after the user unloads the handle.

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