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Custom Made Taps


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Customer designing faucets are warmly welcome by our company, either double wheels taps or single lever faucets. This series of kitchen tap is in accordance with vintage style, which was quite popular in the market these years and sought after some famous designers. The style localization of the complete image is combination of retro shapes and soft lines. The traditional brass faucet main body and the mixer handle lever are both ended with baroque shapes. The designing concept is aimed to let the CUSTOMER MADE TAP well integrated with the decoration style by customers’ design. The material of main body is normal made by brass, while it could be decided by the CUSTOMER MADE SERVICE to choose from BRASS MS57-3, BRASS MS58, CW 617 and DZR BRASS. The CUSTOMER could decide according to their actual demand and estimate budget. Various kinds of material has their own advantageous, CUSTOMER MADE TAP enables each customer to make the decision by themselves. The service of CUSTOMER DESIGN is giving the customer full discretion while make the customer enjoy the high range experience during purchasing.

The handle is made of metal and inserting ceramic parts, which is following the trend from ancient year decoration style. Ceramic part is white color which is expressing clean feeling. It is certainly wearable at the most abrasion place. This CUSTOMER MADE TAP’s designing make people feel the grace and elegance of the overall kitchen after application. The round edges make people feel comfortable during using, while it was quite safe and there is no need to worry about the sharp edges scratch in the busy kitchen, even the customer has children in the house. The double handy wheels are fast-opening with 90 degree, which has been considerate for easy operation in the kitchen.

The inner cartridge of CUSTOMER MADE TAP was also made by ceramic and metal, which is anti-abrasion material and not easy to be aging with poor performance during its production life. With the size of 40mm cartridge, covered with brass main body, the whole CUSTOMER MADE TAP is handsome and charming. 

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