Origin of Cartridge

- Mar 20, 2018 -

The following focuses on the home use of faucet for analysis.



The plug seal mainly relies on a plug to plug into the water hole to achieve the seal, using the spiral rise and fall to achieve the closure and blocking function.

This plug has soft material and steel material.

Soft materials are usually made of elastic materials such as rubber which are usually called soft seals. Soft sealing finish is convenient.


Steel materials are usually made of hard materials such as metals which are often called hard seals. Hard seal has high precision requirement for parts.


In order to quantify the production, the plug and control screw and other parts to make a whole, this is the valve core which we usually call cartridge.

If the method of screw rise and drop is used to achieve the function of blocking and blocking, it is called the slow opening valve core.

That is, you turn on or off the faucet and you need to turn the valve core above the handle.


When the valve core above is used, the handle will rise and fall. Due to aesthetic factors, the valve core of the figure below has been developed.


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  • Brass Gas Valve
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