The Ceramic Cartridge

- Apr 02, 2018 -

Slow opening valve core: it usually refers to the valve core that is opened and closed by means of spiral lifting. Most of them are sealed with rubber pads so it also called soft seal valve core.

There are also metal conical cores and metal holes directly sealed, called hard sealing. The German GROHE high instrument brand has a corner valve is a hard sealing structure.

Quick opening valve core: it usually refers to ceramic valve core. Turn the handle at a 90-degree angle to open and close the valve.

The following picture shows the application of ceramic valve core in hot and cold water faucet. Use two ceramic cartridges to control cold water and hot water separately to achieve a comfortable temperature. The water is usually hot on the left side and cold water on the right.




  • Single Handle Bathroom Faucets
  • Spring Loaded Check Valve
  • Wall Mount Bathroom Faucets
  • Wall Mounted Bathroom Taps
  • Outdoor Bib Tap
  • Mini Ball Valve

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