Lever Sink Taps


Product Details

Product introduction: this pull-out type of lever sink taps has columnar water and injection water in two ways. Action button is on the hand shower with a key switch which can easily realize the conversion between two functions. To be used in different scenarios, it can bring different experience between strong cleaning and gentle cleansing.


The flexible hose can be selected as nylon one, brass one and stainless steel one according to the requirements of customers. The length of the hose can be also customized. The common specifications are 1.5m and 2m.

All the hoses used in this product are tested for flexibility and strength to ensure easy drawing and service life.

When used in the kitchen, It can reach any place the user needs. It can thoroughly clean the sink corner that traditional kitchen bibcock cannot reach, as well as kitchen ground, achieve true without dead angle clean.

Product installation instructions:

1.    Make sure the inlet pipe and triangle valve are properly installed before installation. 

2.    The  taps should match with the measurement of the deck installing hole.

3.    You must clean the sewage, sand, debris in the pipe so as not to block the cartridge.

4.    Water inlet requirements: water inlet pressure is best between 0.05mpa and 0.8mpa, exceeding the standard may affect the service life of the tap.

5.    Do not use steam in heating pipes.

6.    The main body and handle of taps have been installed and tested. Do not disassemble by yourself.

7.    Do not pull the hose hard to prevent leakage or rupture.

If you want to learn more details about this product, please feel free to contact Sukie by email: sukie.wong@vico.cc, by Skpe: sukiewong and by QQ/Wechat: 576425320.

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