3 Way Angle Valve

Three Way Angle Valve 2 Size Available Material: brass Hpb57-3

Product Details

3 Way Angle Valve


3 Way Angle Valve selects high quality brass, which conforms to the requirements of the European Union countries’ drinking water standard. It’s no harm to human body, accords with environmental protection concept and complies with the demand of world development.

The product of 3 way angle valve is your friend that occupies your home. It can let your drinking water clean and healthy.

The surface of 3 way angle valve is perfectly electroplated with a 5-layer plating process to ensure that the products are always bright and new.

The outermost layer (layer 5th) is transparent protective oil is greater than 3um.

The fourth layer of chromium plating is greater than 0.6um.

The third layer of nickel plating is greater than 16um.

The second layer of copper plating (copper acid) is greater than 8um.

The first layer of copper plating (alkali copper) is greater than 3um.

The electroplating layer is resistant to corrosion and durable. More than 200 hours of invariance through salt spray test, it has strong corrosion resistance. Surface adopts advanced vacuum ion plating process, luster and permanent like new. All the casting products, welding parts are carefully grinding with smooth finish.

The production technology of 3 way angle valve is pure and ripe, make sure all connection part thread installation is quick and convenient, applicable household DIY.

The product gasket uses high quality silicon rubber, not easy to age with long service life.

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