Brass Angle Ball Valve

Brass Angle Ball Valve Item No.:TK-2004 Three size options

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Brass angle ball valve quality determination:

First see the material: the best material is brass, the product in brass is heavy. Good material can greatly extended the service life of the product. Although the product of zinc alloy material is relatively cheap, but after use a year, it is easy to break. And usually this quality problem cannot be repaired even.

Second look at brass angle ball valve core: we generally should choose ceramic valve core, the valve core is the heart of the product. It must achieve the open and close with tight and no leakage. The life-span of brass angle ball valve is a large proportion depending on the quality of the valve core, and the sealing ring and ceramic plate in the body also have a great influence on the life span.

Furthermore, the quality of the feeling is also a basis for judging quality. If the feeling is too heavy, it will difficult to open and close; and if the feeling is too light, it will easily leak. And if the feeling is soft, using life is longer. Our brass angle ball valve is durable to use.

Finally, look at the plating gloss, pay attention to the gloss and to see if there is blister or scratch on the surface of the product. The surface of the good product is bright and clean, and the hand feeling is smooth and flawless.

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