Brass Angle Valve

Brass Angle Valve Item No.TK-2004 Material Hpb57-3 Brass

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Selection principle of brass angle valve:

 General Principle

As long as there is water, in principle, brass angle valve is needed. Brass angle valve is equivalent to a joint with switch, and is used to connect the outlet and inlet pipe, and because for toilet, there is only cold water, it’s ok just to use one, while for basin, there are both hot and cold water, two ones are needed, so is the sink.

Because the volume of brass angle valve is relatively small, it is usually installed on the wall that pasted on ceramic tiles. It can shut in and out of water conveniently at any time.


Remember, don't look down on these accessories; the problem is always here.

How many brass angle valves are required for home decoration?

The home decoration usually has 4 positions where brass angle valves are needed. The water port on the toilet needs 1 cold. The water on the washbasin needs one cold and one heat. The water on the kitchen sink needs one cold and one heat. The water on the water heater needs one cold and one heat.

According to the above calculation, we need 7 brass angle valves, 4 cold and 3 hot. If you have 2 toilets in your home, you need 8 corner valves, 5 cold and 3 heat ones. If you have two bathrooms, two wash basins and two toilets, you will need 10 corner valves, 6 cold and 4 hot.

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