Butterfly Ball Valve

Item no.: B1161 B1171 B1875 B1876 Material:brass Hpb57-3 Size:1/2" 3/4" 1"

Product Details

This series of butterfly ball valves are fitted with a red butterfly handle, the handle is made of high quality aluminum alloy with high strength and convenient operation. The compression nut at the top of handle adopts loose prevention design to avoid the product in the process of using-the handle will waggle or fall off. At the same time, it can ensure the valve stem to have performance of use.

Butterfly ball valve is suitable for fluid medium such as water, oil, working temperature was 20 ℃ to + 110 ℃.

The seal with butterfly ball valve stem is used with "pressure cap + PTFE sealing structure which can guarantee the maximum seal performance. Compared with the o-rings seal structure, it is more reasonable to secure the maximum seal.

Butterfly ball valve adopts yellow ball polishing and electroplating ball core to guarantee the wear resistance so as to prolong the service life of the products. The opening and closing dynamics of butterfly ball valve design has been tested by many times of trial and error. By reasonable design, we have successfully solved the movable handle relations with sealing function, and achieved the opening and closing dynamics in medium. Small rotational torque can be closed tightly and effectively and minimize the internal stress of products to ensure good operation of butterfly ball valve.

With the loosing joint, both the loading and unloading is convenient. By improving the surface roughness of the contact surface, the hard seal is realized. And the use of rubber seal is reduced, which also reduces the chance of product problems.

The design of butterfly ball valve has self-wiping performance during the opening and closing process, so that the series of products can be used in the medium with certain suspended solid particles to further expand the use of t butterfly ball valve.

Item no.:B1161

Item no.: B1875

Item no.: B1876

Item no.:B1171

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