Relief Valve

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Relief valve body uses copper die casting technology, make excellently cooperate between different components. There is no corrosion phenomenon of loose or tight, to ensure that the relief valve work stably for a long time. At the same time, the body component design makes relief valves working in high humidity environment without chemical reaction to keep water pure and healthy.

The relief valve is controlled by controlling the liquid level to adjust the supply volume, and the liquid level is required to maintain a certain height, which is generally suitable for floating ball relief valve.

The working principle is to rely on the float ball to be reduced and raised by the liquid surface to control the opening or closing of relief valve.

The float part of relief valve is always floating on the water. When the surface of the water rises, the floating part also rises. As the floating part rises, the connecting rod also rises. The connecting rod is connected to the relief valve at the other end. When it reaches a certain position, the connecting rod supports the piston pad and closes the water supply. When the water level drops, the float also drops, and the connecting rod drives the piston to open.

The relief valve has certain safety protection and automatic control of the process.

Item no.: 4002



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