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Bronze bathroom faucet Item no.:71109-1 This style of bronze bathroom faucet is implied into the wall. It has two optional functions to select-for shower and for bathtub.

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Item no.:71109-1


This style of bronze bathroom faucet is implied into the wall. It has two optional functions to select-for shower and for bathtub.

The best advantage is to simplify the space of the bathroom, make hard things simple of the overall space. The matched shower head, handhold shower are all be made with embedded style. In this way, no redundant pipes are visible, which reaches the very nice results of vision. This style faucet is very suitable for small space as well as the customers to pursue briefness and fashion.

The general design of the bronze bathroom mixer is brief. Big round of cover is the key of this product. The material of it is H52 brass with mirror surface which is plated with chrome. The shape is very neat with shining surface. It’s not easy to accumulate the incrustation and can rapidly desalt the fog of the surface, which can improve the vision of the whole wall. To choose the thicken style can effectively avoid the distortion during the using, which can secure the good fitness to the wall.

Lift-push change-over switch and the body are all adopted the style of cylinder, one up one down, one thin one thick, reflect each other, more easily to use. The different functions can be easily realized with one-key style of pull and push. The design idea of the lever is closely mixed with the whole piece, cylinder as well. It makes the entire bronze bathroom faucet modern stylish and not in a mess feeling.

The body embedded into the wall is used the environmental-protection grade brass, the design is very simple and the installation is very easy. You can do it by yourself. You can also choose the finish which you like-the natural bronze color and the chrome-plating color. 

Some manufacturers in order to save the cost of poor quality copper alloy will use more impurities, and inferior copper alloy high levels of lead. Once used for a long time, the glue will wear and corrosion, while the water leakage may also occur. After a long time, lead may separate out to the water, resulting in water pollution by two times. As long as 2 to 3 grams of lead is accumulated by human body, it will lead poisoning. It will appear slower nerve reaction, anemia, renal failure and so on. Pregnant women should pay attention to it. Otherwise, it will lead to fetal malformation. If it reaches 5 grams, there will be danger of life.

Poor quality products also affect the polishing effect of the faucet, which is easy to appear in the production process of sand. The polishing surface is rough, not smooth.

Our products meet hygienic requirements, and the lead content is not more than 5 micrograms per liter. It can ensure that the lead content is within the scope of human health and safety standards. Our products are not easy to rust. The brass in the main body has bactericidal effect, which is beneficial to health.


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