Custom Shower Faucet

Custom Shower Faucet

Two wheels style shower faucet has a little traditional taste which is welcome by some consumers.

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Product Details


Brass   Content

57-60%    (customized)


G1/2   brass cartridge 90

Surface   treatment

High Quality Chrome plated,

other plating:antique copper, antique   bronze, ORB, BN, etc.

Layer of   plating nickle

3.5-12 um        (customized)

Layer of   plating chrome

0.1-0.3 um       (customized)

Acoustic   level

18-19   db(A) at 3 bar with filter

Acidity   test

>12   hours

Saline   chamber test

>12   hours

Water   pressure for leakage test

10 kgs,   no leakage

Water   Flow

Wash   basin faucet: 12 L/Min

Bath   shower faucet: 20 L/Min

Life   test

500,000   cycles

Quality   guarantee

3 years


ACS, CE,   ISO9000, CUPC, WaterMark, SASO, NSF etc.

Experienced and qualified professionals should be invited to carry out construction and installation. When installing, faucet should not collide with hard object as far as possible, do not leave cement, glue wait to remain in the surface, lest damage the surface coating luster. Be careful to clear the pipe and install the faucet.

All impurities in the pipe should be thoroughly removed when installing. It can avoid core damage, jam, blockage and leakage. At the same time, the surface should be cleaned so that there is no residual building materials.

No excessive force is required when using any kind of water tap product. It only needs to be gently twisted or pushed. Even traditional faucet, also need not spend very big effort to twist dead. In particular, do not use the handle as an armrest to support or use. The product with screen cover should be disassembled and rinsed to remove impurities after being used for a period of time. Products equipped with hoses should be careful to keep the hoses in a state of natural extension to avoid breaking.

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