Custom Copper Faucet

Custom Copper Faucet

This product has good performance and has been deeply loved by consumers since it was formed.

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Product Details

This product has good performance and has been deeply loved by consumers since it was formed. It has the following characteristics:

1.  Personalized design: VICO faucet design is derived from the designer's unique design philosophy. Inspiration comes from the bright pearl, some from the ancient Egyptian pyramid, the style is generous, the modelling is novel. The square design of this product conforms to the market demand and the current aesthetic concept.

2.     Health close to heart: VICO pays great attention to this topic, strict material control, imported automatic "washing lead" equipment and technology from abroad, all the toxic heavy metals including lead in the tap cartridge body from metal materials to the lowest level. At the same time, the "double-insurance" test of the manufacturing materials is carried out through the "inlet spectral analysis instrument", so as to ensure that the tap willnot pollute the water quality, and consumers can use it with confidence.

3.     Electroplating is like a mirror: the electroplating of leading products has two major benefits for consumers: one is to play the role of anti-erosion, the other is to play a beautiful role, VICO has strict requirements on these two points. The product uses fully automatic electroplating equipment, the whole electroplating process is controlled by the computer correctly. Therefore, the electroplating layer of VICO faucets is the best in corrosion resistance, peeling resistance, poor temperature resistance and humidity resistance.

4.     Long life: VICO faucet is used with international advanced ceramic cartridge, which can assure faucet to be switched on and off continuously about 500 thousand times.

       Without quality problem (press to use 50 computation everyday under normal circumstance, can use 27 years at least), what cartridge body uses is high quality fine copper, choose high-quality rubber sealing ring, change rate is small, not easy ageing.

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