A Single Function Cartridge

- Aug 21, 2018 -

The last piece is mainly to dissect a single function cartridge, which uses two valve cores to control cold water and hot water. The user needs to turn the taps on the cold and hot water to adjust the amount of water in the hot and cold water, thus mixing the desired temperature.

It takes time and wastes water to adjust to the right water temperature. At present, in addition to the need of nostalgia and archaize, it has gradually faded out of this stage. We can call it a hot and cold water faucet generation, and a foreign flavor of name can also be called faucet version 1.0.


The development of scientific technology almost service for lazy men.

Because it’s really trouble to adjust for faucet version 1.0(you need to continue to adjust the water flow so as to waste the water), the faucet version 2.0 emerges at the right moment.

Only one handle can control the water temperature and flow. This is the valve core of faucet version 2.0.

The first single handle of cold and hot water faucet is invented by Al Moen from USA who is the founder of Moen Inc. The content of invention is roughly like the following picture, thrill three holes in a hollow steel ball, two holes are separately for cold water and hot water. Then the cold water and hot water are mixed together in the hollow ball and flow out to the outlet from the third hole. It is sealed through rubber and spring. Only to swing the ball can get the suitable temperature. It’s also called steel cartridge.

The idea is not as complicated as it seems, and I think a lot of people would have thought of it, but the important thing is that Mr. Moen was the first to do it. 


There are millions of ideas for our modern people, but there are a few people who can actually do one thing.



The following figure is also the valve core of the hybrid faucet that Moen Inc. optimizes again. It can also be referred to as a roll-type valve core. The principle is similar, but more suitable for quantification.


The above valve core is used for dynamic sealing with rubber parts, so there are some requirements for water quality. North America is now its main market.

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