Advantages and disadvantages of thermostatic cartridge

- Nov 02, 2018 -

The thermostatic tap should be considered in the design. The hot water pipe is designed on the side of the wall, or the length of the water pipe of the hot water pipe is designed very short. 



Advantages of thermostatic cartridge

1.       Installation is simple, just connect the hot and cold water pipe, then automatically adjust the constant warm water.

2.       Temperature adjustable, especially suitable for the elderly and children.

3.       Cold water or hot water when the single pipe water can be immediately automatic stop water to prevent burns or cold.

4.       Automatic regulation when water inlet flow rate or temperature changes, keep water outlet temperature unchanged.

Disadvantages of thermostatic cartridge


1.       The price of thermostatic cartridge is too high to popularize. Import nearly 200 RMB a piece; About 100 yuan for the joint venture, and about 60 yuan for the domestic market. The price of light thermostatic valve core is so high, the cost of a thermostatic faucet can be imagined.

2.       The inlet end of hot and cold water must be equipped with a one-way valve, or it will be flooded.

3.       The thermostatic cartridge can only control the temperature, not the flow, so the thermostatic valve must be equipped with a flow valve to control the water flow.


4.       There are strict requirements on water quality. Easy to scale blockage, resulting in the valve temperature valve internal piston card dead, no thermostatic action.

5.       The pressure difference between hot and cold water cannot be too large, otherwise the two one-way valves cannot be fully opened.

6.       To hot water source also has choice, use gas water heater especially, easy cause gas water heater flameout protection.


Finally, it is recommended that users install a front filter in the water main, which is absolutely beneficial to household water equipment! But be sure to wash them regularly.



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