Button Valve

- Jan 18, 2019 -


Button valve, is a kind of valve which is easy to control open and close like the buttons on a calculator.

Button valve is explained in the last session, it’s developed based on the development of the pull valve, ceramic rotary switch valve and spring valve based. This is a product which has just come into the market. It is first developed by the German company Hansgrohe, is also made by the Germans, we have to admire the Germanic people.

Say what boycott Japanese goods, American goods, Korean goods and so on, most boycott of should be stupid goods. There is no resistance but to catch up and surpass others.


There are seven ways to get out of the water with just three buttons. It's fair to call him a magician.



It's like this when opening the back panel.


There is also other design like the following.


This is the domestic production with the button valve faucet.



The following picture is the button cartridge produced by domestic enterprises.



As the button valve is a new product, there is not much information on hand, ready to save for the future with a special content to elaborate.

One thing is for sure, the keypad valve has a great future.

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