Ceramic Chip

- Sep 13, 2018 -

Before analyzing the working principle of the ceramic chip mixed water cartridge, we can talk about the ceramic chip at first.


We can roughly interpret the ceramic chip as two very smooth and hard pieces of glass, one of which has three holes in it, which are used to pass cold water, hot water and mixed water.

Another piece of glass is thicker, and a larger oval hole is dug up to guide the water flow. 


The two pieces of glass are glued together, with a layer of oil on top, which can move all around.

Only if the thickness of glass round pit mines with mixed water, and his two holes were thick glass seal is not water.

If the elliptical pit is at the point where all three holes are connected, the mixed water will come out.

If the center of the mixing hole is centered, slowly shift to the direction of the hot hole. The glass at the edge of the oval pit will slowly seal the cold water hole, the cold water is getting less and the temperature will raise until it is fully covered. Then it will be all hot water.

Thus no matter how we operate the cartridge, the ceramic tiles will always stick together.

Using ceramics instead of glass as sealing parts, mainly because ceramics can bear the working state of sudden cold and heat, anti-wear characteristics and many other aspects are better than glass.

There are two main data points for measuring the quality of ceramic tiles. One is the aperture level. The second is the content of alumina. It is easy to distinguish if a aperture is a flat surface or not.

Alumina means hard or not. Usually this disc is 95 porcelain which means that the alumina content is 95 percent.

After years of observation, it is not necessary to use 99 porcelain. While I think the lubricating oil on the ceramic tiles is very important, Otherwise it will be flushed with hot water, the ceramic tile is still there, the oil is gone, and the cartridge will not work any more. 


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