Faucet the correct way to buy

- Dec 19, 2017 -

There are many types of water, usually according to the function and use to distinguish, such as kitchen faucet, basin faucet, bathtub faucet, referred to as "three piece, when choosing the best choice for use by the leading leader, such as basin faucet mounted to the kitchen sink, because the height is too low, to bring a lot of inconvenience.

Bathtub Faucet: two water outlet, a connecting bath shower, a shower faucet connected below, for shower use; Basin Faucet: this leading outlet is very short, mainly for people washing, cleansing use; multifunctional kitchen faucet: if the kitchen with hot water pipeline, the leader should be double the. In addition, the outlet of the kitchen faucet is higher and longer, and some of the hose are designed for the use of the washing food.

From the structural point of view, it can also be divided into three categories

Single handle: These are the leading Taocifaxin popular as a seal, the utility model has the advantages of flexible switch, easy temperature adjustment, long service life; the price is moderate, suitable for the economic conditions are relatively relaxed family selection; faucet with 90 degree switch: This is the use of ceramic chip sealed faucet that is based on the traditional double handle on the original rubber seal is a ceramic plate, opening rotary handle 90 degrees can be closed, cold regulate water on both sides, which is convenient to open, diverse styles; the price is moderate, is the preferred material for consumers; the traditional spiral type rubber, steady rise dense type: tap water, simple maintenance and low price.

As far as the average medium consumption is concerned, the above three kinds of faucets can be selected, among which the 90 - degree switch is ideal. But the single handle faucet is more luxurious and more.

In addition, there are many special functions in the market. As with tap water filtering function, the unique built-in diaphragm device leading can remove impurities in the water, the new Kohler Phil's leading series is a good choice; there are Youdima thermostatic faucet, temperature control valve and the water temperature by paraffin, the moment to meet the requirements, the error is less than 0.5 degrees Celsius, when the water temperature exceeds 40 degrees Celsius also, the leading automatic current limit, to prevent burns, fully embodies the humanized design.

Four tricks to identify the quality of the faucet

First look at the appearance. High quality faucet is fine processing and good surface finish. It can be close to the effect of mirror surface without distortion.

Secondly, when turning the handle of the faucet, there is no excessive clearance between the faucet and the switch. It closes easily and doesn't slide, and the gap between the faucet and the faulty tap is large.

The second is to check the parts and components, especially the main parts, which are tightly packed. The valve body and handle of the faucet are all refined by brass, and the weight is heavy and heavy.

The last thing is to identify the markup. The normal goods producers have brand logo, and some non regular products or some quality products are often only paste some paper labels, even without any mark, the purchase must be carefully.