Friendly Reminder About Cartridge

- Sep 21, 2018 -

Do not think that the use of the top-class cartridge, produced faucet must be with high quality. If the design is not reasonable, the cartridge seat is not processed in place, and the compression cap for fixing the cartridge is not accurate enough. It can only be said that the good cabbage let the pig bite.

Now the production of the cartridge has been standardized, 99% of ceramic mixed cartridge is manufactured by professional enterprises, Few faucet manufacturers can produce the cartridge by themselves.

Some professional and well-known cartridge manufacturing enterprises do not have strong awareness of brand protection.

The final step in the production is to print the product's brand, model and production date with ink.

There is no logo on the shell of the product or on the ceramic plate, that is, no logo on the mold beforehand.

Only on the outer shell of the cartridge or the ceramic plate with a brand logo can effectively reduce the probability of being copied. Because the engraved logo needs to be processed on the mold in advance, it can be found at any time during the entire manufacturing process. The risk that is checked by industrial and commercial bureau is much higher.

Mixed water cartridge, of course, refers to two different types of water intake, through operation of this cartridge can adjust the mix proportion of these two types of water.

To put it simply, cold water and hot water enter this cartridge through two water pipes, and then mix it and get out of another pipe. Operate this cartridge to reach the water outlet temperature required by the user. This is the mixed water cartridge. If the core component is made of ceramic disc, it is of course called the mixed water cartridge.

The market is usually called 35 cartridge, 40 cartridge is the diameter size of ceramic cartridge. Diameter 35 mm is called 35 cartridge.

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