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The occurrence of intelligent faucet, cannot but mention solenoid valve. Solenoid valve is made by coil, iron core, seat, sealing diaphragm, spring and so on.

Solenoid valve is divided into ordinary solenoid valve and pulse solenoid valve. General solenoid valve power on, power off. Our home washing machine is the use of this common solenoid valve.


And intelligent faucet USES pulse electromagnetism valve overwhelmingly. How it works: positive pulse on, negative pulse 

off. Power on the pulse solenoid valve, solenoid valve open, power off after the state remains open unchanged.

Switch the positive and negative poles and then turn off the solenoid valve. The time to power on usually does not exceed one second, which is known in electronics as the pulse width.

Because pulse solenoid valve has this kind of characteristic, so most of the time is not used electricity, suitable for batteries or hydropower power supply, this is the reason why intelligent faucet chooses pulse solenoid valve.


In fact, the common solenoid valve and pulse solenoid valve internal difference is only a little.

Ordinary solenoid valve core is used in the spring, the core of the iron when energized, and let the spring compression, power off when the spring put the core back.

Pulse solenoid valve and just a small magnet. When energized, the iron core is sucked up. After power off, the iron core is kept open due to the action of small magnet. Replace the positive and negative pole after electrification, so that the core and small magnet appear with the magnetic pole, resulting in magnetic repulsion with the pole and make the core rebound and close the solenoid valve.



These two kinds of solenoid valve outlet and inlet water have strict requirements, so can not be wrong.



Solenoid valve usually USES the principle of pilot type to work, that is to say, first open a very small diameter of the water hole, so that the internal pressure is not balanced, and then the water pressure to open the seal diaphragm.

So the solenoid valve has extremely strict requirements for water quality, solenoid valve front end must have a filter device. As for how the filter device is designed and cleaned. I think you all understand!


Solenoid valve advantages: fast, combined with sensors, electronic chips can always be fully intelligent, or remote APP open. This is not possible with conventional valves.

Solenoid valve shortcomings: strict requirements for water quality, water pressure is also required, for a long time in the hot water pipeline is not up to the use.

But with the innovation of science and technology, the breakthrough of new material, the adjustment of technology. Durable, the intelligent faucet that the price is close to civilian will approach thousands of families.

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