Pressure Balancing Cartridge

- Jan 04, 2019 -

When you go out to stay in a hotel to have a bath, if next door Lao wang's room is also using a tap, which is difficult to adjust the appropriate water temperature. It might be too hot, or it might be too cold. This is particularly true in express hotels. The main reason is that the temperature we adjusted before was fluctuated by the use of a different faucet on the side. The ratio of cold water to hot water changes, and finally the temperature is reflected in our body.


This situation can be greatly improved if pressure balancing valves are installed.

If the cold water is broken, the pressure balancing valve will cut off the hot water in 5 bills to prevent burns.

The pressure balancing valve has a mandrel that moves with pressure. This is somewhat similar to the thermostatic valve. The pressure balance valve changes the position of the spindle by water pressure, while the thermostatic valve changes the position of the spindle by heat sensor.


Since the pressure balancing valve is relatively expensive and not used much, we just need to have a general understanding.

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