Pull and switch cartridge

- Nov 26, 2018 -

Pull and switch cartridge, in short, the pull valve. As the name implies by pulling and pulling to switch the flow passage of the cartridge.


The pull cartridge is composed of pull cap, pull rod, guide sleeve, outlet port and seal. Not all pull spools are exactly the same, some with self- reset springs. It works in much the same way.


Pull cartridge is most commonly used in bath faucet, the red box of bath faucet in the following figure is to pull the valve. Pull up is shower head out of the water, press down is the head out of the water in front of the faucet.


Pull cartridge also can be used on this big shower head of course. Users can switch to a large spillage or a hand spillage.


Pull cartridge can also be used this way.


Advantage of pulling valve core: compact size, less impact on the appearance of faucet.

Disadvantages:  easy to be affected by water pressure and water quality. Too low water pressure may cause leakage, water pressure is too high when the handle becomes heavy.

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