Selection techniques of the faucet

- Dec 19, 2017 -

1. Use of functional and structural features

At present, the water mouth products on the market are suitable for home use. However, no matter how many kinds, it can be divided in roughly two ways. In terms of function, it can be divided into three kinds: bathtub nozzle, washbasin nozzle and kitchen nozzle. It can achieve the same ideal and effect through different personal preferences. According to the structure characteristics, it can be divided into the ceramic valve core single handle water nozzle and the 90 degree switch nozzle as well as the spiral rising rubber three types of water nozzle.

The first two kinds of products are based on the special processing plane of industrial ceramics to open and close the water source. The latter products have been phased out in the current market. The key is that the first two types of products have the advantage of manipulating and flexible, and are the most popular in the existing product structure. At the same time, the product in the entrance product also has the product which is automatically tempered after setting, and the light or infrared control is controlled to open and close the water source.

2. Identification of the quality of the nozzle

(1) when rolling or pulling the handle, it should be light and flexible and no blockage. The nozzle with stuck resistance usually has more or less quality problems, improper assembly or improper commissioning. Some may even be made up of inferior parts.

(2) usually, the water outlet can't identify whether there is any leakage before the water outlet is connected, but it can basically achieve its purpose by checking whether there are loose joints in each part. This loosening may be the direct cause of the leakage of the nozzle.

(3) people generally do not like the kind of products with obvious defects on the surface, and no exception to the water mouth. Therefore, we should pay attention to whether the surface of the nozzle has any burrs, scorched spots due to poor quality of plating, some parts are not plated, and whether there are small holes and freckles formed due to poor forging quality.

(4) in order to protect their reputation, most enterprises will have a clear and reliable logo on the products and their packaging. And some reputable or questionable enterprises can not, nor are they willing to label the products and related packages clearly and reliably. It is suggested that users do not choose such products, even if their prices are very cheap.

3, the positioning of the price

With a reasonable price in groups: single handle mixing faucet products three sets the price of about 1200 yuan -1800 yuan; secondly, 90 degree switch mixing faucet products three sets the price of about 600 yuan -1000 yuan; and the steady rise spiral type rubber sealing faucet products three sets about price 400 yuan -500 yuan. The actual selection should focus on the use of convenience and reliability. It should be said that the price of the average consumer three domestic products have capacity.