Thermostatic valve introduction

- Oct 19, 2018 -

 Thermostatic valve introduction

The outlet of the mixed water of thermostatic valve is equipped with a temperature-sensing or thermo-sensitive element, which can be used to feel the surrounding temperature, thus driving up and down the piston in the valve core and automatically adjusting the size of the cold and hot water inlet. When the temperature adjustment knob is set at a certain temperature, the water outlet temperature will be automatically maintained within the set temperature range regardless of the change of cold and hot water inlet temperature and pressure.

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Operating principle of thermostatic cartridge.

Due to limited space, the thermostatic cartridge on the heating system is not too much described here, but the heating system can sense room temperature sensor, is called the temperature package. It's the same principle.


The working principle to apply in the thermostatic cartridge of bath faucets.


When we set a temperature, if the mixed water temperature in the thermostatic valve is lower than the set value, heat temperature sensor will encounter cold contraction and drive cartridge upward movement. It will change the opening degree of the cold water, increase the proportion of hot water in the mixed water and decrease the cold water ratio, after mix water temperature rises to reach the set value.  On the other hand, if the constant mix water temperature is higher than the set value, thermal heat sensitive components will expand due to heat and drive the valve core movement down, add cold water mouth opening, reduce the hot water mouth opening, increase the proportion of mixed water cold water, hot water ratio is reduced, which is to mix water after the water temperature is reduced, achieve value, thermostatic valve is such a cycle work.

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