Three-point quality faucet

- Dec 19, 2017 -

It's hard for us to tell what kind of faucets are good in the market where fish are mixed up. What faucet manufacturers do is quality assurance. It is often the introduction of the salesman or the faucet purchased at random. It does not identify the good faucets by themselves. At the end of the day, the faucet was broken, or there was a bad smell.

So, no longer dare not buy. Later introduced by friends, bought jahir faucet, the service attitude is good, people have to praise a jair, is a professional engaged in faucet manufacturers, there are many water merchants throughout the country, have to admit, jahir did well in the faucet industry. And we also teach you how to identify the faucets, and find that there are still a lot of small skills. To share with you today, it is also good to distinguish the quality of the faucet.

One, appearance

When selecting, there is no air bubble, no defect, no scratch as the standard. Ordinary faucets have only more than 10 microns of the coating, the purpose is to prevent rust, beautiful, to ensure the use of the time limit. Some experts revealed that the fingerprints were quickly dispersed with fingers when they were selected, indicating that the coating was good, and the more the fingerprint, the worse the flower was. After the appearance is selected, it is necessary to try the handle of the faucet. Whether the switch is smooth or not, the large and small left and right switches can regulate the water temperature steadily, generally up to 30 degrees, or 90 degrees. But one thing to note is that the faucet does not mean a good hand.

Two. Style

Currently on the market the tap is generally divided into two kinds of styles, namely single handle faucet and double handle faucet, only a single hilt leading hole and double handle can be divided into four inch and eight inch hole hole two, this can be based on the style of Taipen purchase.

Basin faucet and kitchen faucets are generally installed in the table, so the water inlet pipe for pipe and hose two, usually about 35 centimeters in length, in order to facilitate the connection, and the water inlet pipe in household connection pipe must be installed a valve, this valve is called triangle valve, taps in the purchase at the same time do not forget together with a good, otherwise you will run again, and the triangle valve have different sizes, according to what you buy the tap water inlet pipe size, there are 3 points and 4 points two. In addition, we should pay attention to installing the triangle valve not too low, so as not to cause the faucet water inlet pipe not long enough to connect, and cause unnecessary trouble. Generally, it is about 50 to 60 centimeters away from the ground.

Another is to buy the faucet must not forget to clear the zero matching, otherwise it is more trouble to get back. The fittings of general basin faucet mainly include water removing device, pulling rod and faucet fixing bolt and fixed copper piece and gasket. The bathtub faucet also has standard accessories such as shower, two water inlet hoses and brackets. Regular production of mixed taps are installed at the factory size chart and instructions, the selection should pay attention. Import products are more careful.

Three, material

Style selected, but also understand the material leading, the built-in faucet spool types on the market mostly adopts steel ball valve and ball valve with ceramic valve, ball the durable solid body, strong anti pressure ability, become the leader of a new generation of the spool, disadvantage is the role of sealed rubber ring is easy to wear. Fast aging. And the ceramic valve itself has a good sealing performance, and the use of ceramic spool faucet is more comfortable and smooth. The faucet is made of stainless steel, and stainless steel has acid resistance, alkali resistance, and does not release harmful substances.