Wash Basin Faucet

“ALWAYS QUALITY, ALWAYS VICO”. Wash basin faucet Item no.: 89101 This single lever wash basin mixer for basin with only 25mm ceramic cartridge is the smallest one in all our product range, which is the most slim body comparing with other products. This kind of wash basin faucet would leave more...

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Wash basin faucet

Item no.: 89101


This single lever wash basin mixer for basin with only 25mm ceramic cartridge is the smallest one in all our product range, which is the most slim body comparing with other products. This kind of wash basin faucet would leave more flexible room between the basin and the wall behind the basin. It is extremely suitable for certain small sized basin or the installation place at the corner of toilet. The whole shape is nearly perfect cuboids, which is including only vertical lines and angles without any round corner. All these vertical lines are reflecting the tough and handsome feelings by the concept of the designing philosophy. This style of wash basin tap is particularly modern and fashionable, which is often warmly welcomed by smart decoration style in the market. Except for the decorative cover of the ceramic cartridge between the handle and main body, all you could see from the faucet is only vertical elements. The classical streamlines are well decorated the principal part of faucet, handle and decorative seat, neutral style involved with recent popular elements. This trend is well received by current market and designers.

The delicate main body is expressing exquisite art flavor instead of weakness. There is no need to worry about its exterior façade, which doesn’t look like very small model.

Although the inner cartridge is smaller than normal models, the height of the single lever wash basin mixer is not small at all. It is still standing similar as the other model, which is worthy for its quality even at a cheaper price paid for it. The lever is also vertical and flat, while the edges are not sharp, which is comfortable for people to switch on and off.

The principal material of the body is brass MS58, which is high quality brass material for mixers, instead of other cheaper replacement material. The vertical style models are always difficult for the workers to make surface polishing after die-casting of the main body, as it requesting the workers to make all the lines straight enough; otherwise it could not reach the inspection standard and would be selected out for reproduction. Even there would be more defective pieces after polishing process of main body; we still maintain the same inspection rules to control the find quality level any time.

The other essential accessories of wash basin faucet like knitted hoses, fixing bolt & nuts set are also included in the same inner box, with card board structure to separate each other. The box could be printed with the customer’s logo indicated on the chosen color, or by particularly designing decorative figures on the surface with necessary information labels aside. The various colorful boxes packages are surely looking much better in high class comparing with white box packagings. Not only the inner boxes, but also the out cartons could be designed according to the customer’s requirement so that the commodities would get higher distinguishing degree in the market of same product line. 

The main elements of Stainless steel are including Mn, Cr and Ni, which are also the main factors of rust-proof. To maintain the anti-rust property of stainless steel, it must contain more than 12% of Cr element. But the large volume of Cr would be pollution to the environment and be harmful to human health. The Cr element is the origin of allergen.  Chromium is the skin allergy, easy to cause allergic dermatitis or eczema, eczema last for a long time. Chromium has a stimulant and corrosive effect on the respiratory tract, causing rhinitis, pharyngitis, and bronchitis. Chromium is a carcinogenic factor, and trace elements manganese, chromium, nickel, etc. once exceeded the standard, the harm to the human body is no less than the lead over the standard, even greater. Stainless steel is containing chromium, nickel and other toxic elements, will destroy the body DNA, liver, and kidney and so on, have the harm of cancer, and can cause gene mutation. In addition, when the water is sterilized by chlorine gas, the internal isotopes can be assimilated and corroded the faucets.

Stainless steel is not resistant to high temperature, but it is also a major limitation.

Brass faucet can be polished, modeling, can be electroplated in a variety of styles, so the artistic quality of the product is still very strong. The color of the stainless steel faucet is single and the shape is single, and there is still a gap between the exquisite detail and the brass faucets.

Stainless steel processing is difficult, consumable, and the labor cost of the subsequent process is much higher.

Therefore, our copper faucet, the control of raw materials and processing, can provide customers with good quality and healthy products.

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