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This kind of bidet mixer is made of brass, a popular European model, which is best seller around most range of product of bidet faucets.

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This kind of bidet mixer is made of brass, a popular European model, which is best seller around most range of product of bidet faucets. The main material is brass MS58, which is including high percentage of pure brass with less other chemical elements. It is widely used to produce the special models of faucets; also it is much easier to get a charming surface without any burrs by each process like casting, machining and surface polishing. While the polishing treatment should be done by a team of workers with different tools, just like mesh numbered polish belts.

The polishing step of this bidet faucet is surely essential before the chrome plating. Only with the polished surface, the coating adhesion could last long, which is very important for the whole mixer’s durability after sale. In the coating system, we also arranged to make several layers of coating so as to get the bright and shinning surface. The whole luxury feeling may come out when it appears under the bathroom lighting.  When the bidet faucet is installed on to the washing toilet, it fits the holes well and tight. The handle is easy for the user to control and swift.

This bidet faucet is applied with 40mm ceramic cartridge inside, while designing with a inclination of the platform. The handing lever and front body have been designed with flat surface and mellowandfull on the edge. The side surface of the body is also flat while the back body is cylinder shape.  

The slope body of bidet faucet is also enabling much space for the installation of lifting-lever pop up than vertical style of mixer. The aerator is made of stainless steel, while the filters are also including 6 layers for a better performance with foaming when it works. The user could enjoy the soft massage by the water full with bubbles. Also the connection between the aerator and the bidet faucet body is universal, which is much easy for the user to control its direction during washing.  

The pop up waste for this bidet faucet is also available if the end customer needs it. Once the end customer needs the pop up waste, there could be JUMPING pop up or DROPLEAF pop up, and LIFTING pop up. But normally, the lifting pop up is not very often used for matching this style, as the lifting hole of the back of the faucet body may destroy the complete sense of beauty. Anyway, it is all decided by the customer finally.     

VICO Plumbing grips industry development planning, elevating design content, competing with universities or international masters to become the industry theme.VICO Plumbing bathroom in joint with Tsinghua University in Beijing last year launched bathroom "ergonomics" research of the project, the project team members for the product that defend bath "humanization" theme, from the physiological and physical, cognitive and psychological, social and cultural three aspects to carry out applied research. Users at the same time, through to the sanitary household income, family members, advocate defend area, sanitary accessories., between sanitary accessories is decorated, using time, bathroom sanitary facilities, activities and buying habits and other related factors of comprehensive research, makes every effort to make VICO Plumbing sanitary accessories truly "people-oriented".

VICO Plumbing bathroom was unveiled on April 9 at the launch of the "ergonomic" project, which highlights the human-oriented understanding and pursuit of design.

VICO Plumbing sanitary invested heavily in design hired six international master, strived to character on the appearance of the bathroom hardware accessories, crafts, install and use, prominent personality, manifests the product fine and smart, at the same time to add intelligent design, fully satisfy the aesthetic needs of modern consumers for high-level sanitary accessories.

VICO Plumbing bathroom has woken up from the "price war" and promoted competition to "design war".

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