Bidet Faucet Bronze

​Bidet faucet bronze is a kind of leading product which is used with the sanitary ware like the Shattaf.

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Bidet faucet bronze is a kind of leading product which is used with the sanitary ware like the Shattaf.

It is known as clean body basin faucets, are the sanitary ware products specially designed for women, which is mainly for lady to clean vagina. It is convenient to clean women’s body and make the user feel clean and comfortable.

The features :

1.     It's made of pure brass and have more texture. We adopt the international most advanced gravity casting technology to make the wall thickness even without sand eye. It’s impervious to leakage. Precision CNC lathe processing and manufacturing is used with natural, strong and durable features.

2.      The lead content is strictly controlled under 0.5%, ensuring environmental protection and non-toxic and harmless.

3.      Product appearance after fine grinding and polishing, surface adopts advanced electroplating process. After multiple plating like acid brass, nickel and chromium electrodeposited coating is very good and fine. And the color and gloss are uniform. It has excellent corrosion resistance. Gloss coating is double of ordinary faucet coating. Meanwhile, the product surface is bright and beautiful with constant new. The electroplating layer is strictly tested.

4.      The cartridge is made of the original fine grinding ceramic sheet with diamond hardness, excellent sealing and wear-resisting performance, and more than 600, 000 times of trouble-free operation. Ceramic cartridge is comfortable and light, durable and not leaking. The cartridge is equipped with a three-layer filter, which can effectively filtrate the tap water and reduce the sound of water flow, and has excellent water effluent effect.

5.      All the water inlet hoses  have double layer filter, which can effectively prevent the debris from entering the main body and sealing the porcelain piece, and the inner tube with water contact is made of non-toxic materials.

6.      Comply with international health standards.

Our company provides the ODM/OEM production, the most innovative design for customer choice.

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