Bidet Faucet Brushed Nickel

The design philosophy of bathroom bidet faucets is: "Fashion design makes life more artful; Minimalism makes life easier."

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Bidet Faucet Brushed Nickel

The design philosophy of bidet faucets is: "fashion design, make life more art; Minimalism makes life easier.

A method of electroplating or chemical plating of nickel on metals or certain nonmetals is called nickel plating.

Electroplated nickel layer has high stability in air. Because of its strong passivation capability, nickel can quickly form an extremely thin passivation layer on the surface.

Electroplated nickel crystals are extremely fine and have excellent polishing properties. Polished nickel coating provides a mirror-like gloss, which can be maintained for a long time in the atmosphere. Therefore, electroplating is often used for decoration.

Product introduction:

The product handle adopts the high density 62# top-quality brass ingots, the Italian IMR gravity casting system is integrated into one, the molding effect is perfect and the light is permanent. According to the mechanical structure design of the human body, with the cartridge perfect cooperation, the switch force can precisely control the water flow volume. This lets you play the water control art easily.

The product body adopts special grade A environmental-protection 62# pure copper ingot, which conforms to international standard, multi-layer electroplating layer will never corrode, and won’t not fade.

External high-end nipper aerator, the water comes out soft and doesn’t splash. The high - grade bubbling machine allows the water to be fully mixed with the air flowing through the water. The water flow is like a mist, soft and gentle, no noise, prevent rust, keep the water clean, "puffing air technology", and the water-saving effect is obvious.

How to use the bathroom bidet faucets?

The woman's bidet is highly similar to the toilet seat. The user needs only two feet to sit on the woman's washing machine, facing the faucet, controlling the flow rate, water temperature and water injection. It is easy to clean some parts of the body. It can also be used to clean the sore, rash or incontinence.

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