Custom Made Bathroom Faucets

Custom Made Bathroom Faucets

Custom Made Bathroom Faucets are made according to the desire of the consumers.

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Production technical process:

Sand core forming-Sand core inspection-Casting copper alloy smelting-Chemical component analysis inspection-Gravity casting- Shot blasting and polishing-Finish inspection- Pressure inspection- Machine processing- Appearance inspection- Pressure test-Polishing- Finish inspection- Electroplating-Electroplating layer inspection(ASS)- Assembly- Perform in-process quality audit- Water test, Pressure test- Finished products inspection- But put in the warehouse- Delivery inspection.

Introduction of manufacturing technique:

1.        Hpb59-1 high quality brass, high temperature gravity casting molding;

2.        After precision lathe processing, according to the standard operating drawing drilling, screw making;

3.        The imported belt sander is used for the multi-channel sanding process. The rough surface is processed fine and ready for polishing.

4.        It is polished by specialized workers. The polishing wheel is made of white cotton cloth. After polishing, the polishing process is carried out

5.        Meticulous polishing inspection, only the products that meet the inspection standards can be qualified for outbound plating;

6.        The electroplating workshop is operated according to the electroplating process standard.

7.        Then copper and nickel were re-plated, and finally bright chrome was plated.

8.        After the completion of the plating process, the professional quality inspector shall complete the inspection, and the parts conforming to the standards shall be sent to the plating transfer warehouse, and then enter the assembly procedure.

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