Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer

Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer

Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer Item no.: 83308-1 Material: Hpb59-1 brass Cartridge size: 35mm

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Product Details

Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer 

Item no.: 83308-1 

Material: Hpb59-1 Brass 

Cartridge: 35mm

Product Details


The surface of kitchen faucet  should be gently wiped with a soft cloth (no impurities). Do not use wire or with a hard particle of scouring pad. In addition, do not strike with hard objects so as to touch the surface of it.

Use the following cleaner to remove thick mask and debris: mild liquid glass cleaner, pure clear liquid glass cleaner, do not contain acid, no wear and tear "soft completely dissolved liquid or powder, no polish grinding solution.

Do not use any friction cleaner, cloth or paper cloth; do not use any acid cleaner, polishing friction agent or rough cleaner.

After using a shiny kitchen faucet with sprayer for a period of time, you'll find a pale white stain on the surface. How do you get the faucet with sprayer back on the shiny surface? We’ll tell you the best way to get rid of water stains. To prepare a fresh potato, cut out a piece of slice with skin. Use it to wipe the water stains on the kitchen faucet brass until it was fully cleaned. Use water to clean again, and wipe the surface with dry cloth at last.  Good maintenance can make it run longer.

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