Bronze Bathroom Faucet

This bronze bathroom faucet is completely designed in brief and generous taste.

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Item no.: 87804


1.The handy lever is strong and heavy. The surface is applying the polishing treatment like a mirror effect, with the curved edge of each side. The opening and closing intensity is designing in a moderate level.

2.The exterior aspect of bronze bathroom faucet is concise but not simple. All the edges and corners are maintaining pretty large radians. The top surface of principal body is almost flat surface, is coordinating well with the handle, which is reflecting the integrality. This kind of designing of the surface is quite effective for reducing radian feeling in large areas. Furthermore, this special structure is easier to seize and hold in the usage in the bathroom. The round exterior surface is also very good for preventing from bumps by hard wears. All for these factors are considering of the safety usage.

3.The fixing bolt and nut of the main body is short nut, which is making the whole product to be a compact type. The decorative cover of this bronze bathroom faucet is made by stainless steel 304, by taper type to improve its presence of the short nuts. The nuts set and taper typed cover is matching each other well and look nice without any uneasiness.

4.The centre to centre distance of the bronze bathroom faucet is from 150-170mm, which could be freely adjusted according to the actual situation. This is easy to fix in various assembling space and more suitable for wide ranges.

5.This bronze bathroom faucet could work until the highest temperature at 100 degree, which is much more flexible during the switching from hot water to cold water. The faucet could reach the target of different temperature to mix the more satisfactory temperature of the water, which is quite comfortable for shower at home.   

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