A Variety Of Different Effects Of Shower

- Dec 19, 2017 -

A variety of different effluent effects in shower

Now the water in the shower is no longer single, but tends to be multi style. Multi - function handheld sprinkler, to achieve a variety of water, spray, massage and other effects. The adjustment method is also very simple, as long as the direct rotation of the sprinkler head can be converted to the effect of water. And the way of water is no longer limited to the patent of the advanced flower, but it is slowly popularized to the common use of the flower.

The handheld sprinkler has five kinds of water efflux effect: the water coming from the shower and the orderly flow of the shower make people feel relaxed and natural bathing; the spray water makes the bathroom temperature rise rapidly with the water mist; massage the concentrated and gentle flow of water to help eliminate the fatigue of the day.

The family of flower sprinklers is the most common type of water which is introduced in general.

1. ordinary, most basic shower flow, the flow of water is uniform.

2. spray type, water flower impact force smaller, continuous and small flow.

3. rain, a large number of continuous water, large water flow.

4. single strand, the flow of water is centralized to a water column, and the amount of water is concentrated.

5. massage style, the water flower impact force is very strong, water intensive continuous pouring, so that the whole body is relaxed.