Check Valve Classification

- Dec 19, 2017 -

Check valve refers to the valve which is automatically opened and closed by the flow of the medium itself, which is used to prevent the reverse flow of the medium. Check valve according to the structure can be divided into: first, lift check valve: the valve body along the vertical centerline of sliding valve, lift check valve can be installed in horizontal pipelines, high-pressure small bore check valve check valve is to rely on the flow of the medium itself automatically open and close the valve valve, backflow valve to prevent the media.

The check valve can be divided according to its structure:

First, lifting check valve: the check valve is sliding along the vertical centerline of the valve body. The lift check valve can only be installed on the horizontal pipe, and the ball valve can be used on the high pressure small caliber check valve. The body shape of the lift check valve is the same as the cut-off valve (it can be used with the cut-off valve), so its fluid resistance coefficient is larger.

Two, swing check valve: valve disc around the seat outside the pin axis of rotation of the check valve, the swing check valve is more common.

Three. Disc check valve: a check valve that revolves around the pin in the seat. The disc type check valve is simple in structure and can only be installed on the horizontal pipe, with poor sealing.

Four. Pipe check valve: valve that slides along the center line of the body. The pipe type check valve is a new type of valve. It has small volume, light weight and good processing technology. It is one of the direction of the development of check valve. But the fluid resistance coefficient is slightly larger than that of the swing check valve.

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