Faucet Cartridge Pressing Cap-Decorative Cover

- Mar 07, 2018 -

     The faucet cartridge cover is a hollow semicircle lid that is tightly twisted on the bonnet of the cartridge, mainly for decoration. There are usually many kinds of aliases, such as cap cover, bonnet cover, decorative cover, cover, half dome, semicircle, bowl cover ect.


     The cap is mainly decorative. That is, it is for decoration. In theory, removing the cap does not affect the actual function. But if you get rid of it, it will affect your appearance; And it will be not convenient in the daily cleaning of the faucet. To make the thread on the top of the pressing cap is exposed directly, it will become the place of the filth.

      There are roughly three types of cap and size: 40,35,25mm in diameter. The ruler is not determined by the actual size of the cap, but the corresponding cartridge. For example, the 40 cap cover is only suitable for the cartridge with a diameter of 40mm. The thread on the cap cover is M42, and the shape is about 46 mm in diameter.


     The material of the cap is distinguished between metal and non-metallic.  Metal materil includes brass, stainless steel, while non-metallic is mainly by ABS with plating. Of course, material is different, price is also different.

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