Healthy Use Of Tap

- Dec 19, 2017 -

A healthy use of a faucet requires a few major points:

The standard of faucet is standard with no bubbles, no defects and no scratches. The faucet manufacturers revealed that fingers can be used to click on the surface of the tap when selecting. If the fingerprints are quickly dispersed, they will indicate that the coatings are good, and the more prints they print, the worse they will be. When the appearance of the faucet is well chosen, we should try the feeling of the faucet, whether the switch is smooth and the switch of the good faucet will be smooth.

A lot of people use the faucet after they are used to make some force close the faucet. In fact, it is not advisable. Faucet manufacturers not only do not prevent water leakage, but will cause damage to the sealing valve, leading to the faucet is not strict.

Many people are so, if there is no bad faucet will not change the tap, in fact, the tap in the long-term use of the Chinese easily hidden dirt inside, will rust corrosion prone to heavy metals, which are harmful to human health, is the life of the faucet, faucet manufacturers to develop recommendations in the the life to better tap.

For a long time, the water in the faucet will cause the lead protection film to fall off, and the lead element dissolves in the water. In addition, the traditional water faucet, easy to rust and pollute the water, so early when you need to use the Guan Li being water drain. Stainless steel faucets are relatively healthy, but the price will be higher.

Nowadays, all of them are advocating energy conservation and water saving. These can also start from the faucet. The flow of the faucet is standard, and too much traffic is not good for water saving. The use of water is equal to the flow of water times the water time, the flow is too small to waste time may be very long in the water, so that it can not save the water saving effect. The flow is too small, will make the faucet valve problems, slag may be blocked in the faucet, should be cleaned or replaced in time. So it needs the faucet manufacturer to design the water standard for each faucet.