How To Choose High-quality Shower Faucet?

- Dec 19, 2017 -

How to choose the style, brand and price of the shower faucet? When consumers purchase, they often consider what is good, what kind of comparison, and which brand of faucet are more comfortable and good after-sales service?

The faucet used for shower or bathtub should avoid using square and other faucet with sharp corners. This kind of faucet may look nice, but it has great potential safety hazard. Because in case of slipping, the body is in such a sharp corner of the faucet, the consequences will be very serious.

Nowadays, many new shower or bathtub faucets are equipped with automatic water separators. They only need the light handle to achieve the conversion of water outlet, shower and top spray, which is more convenient than the traditional pulling water distributor. Most of the shower or bathtub faucet because of the installation mode, the use of double hole water way, because of excellent copper thermal conductivity, this way, when hot water flows through the faucet's internal pipeline, it will lead to the heating of the faucet shell. I believe that many consumers have the experience of closing their eyes in the shampoo to control the faucet and be inadvertently ironed. The use of a dark mounted faucet can put the main body of the faucet into the wall to avoid this situation. But the darker faucet also has a higher price and is not easy to maintain. Some manufacturers have begun to solve the problem by improving the way of the internal pipeline of the faucet, allowing the cold water to pass through the outer part of the tap, while the hot water is passing through the inner layer.

Some shower faucets have lower water outlet and can rotate at 360 degrees. Such faucets can achieve shower function while they can wash feet at the bottom outlet, etc., which is more convenient. But attention should be paid to the shower faucet and bathtub faucet, which is very similar, but it is better not to mix it.

Shower water faucet to buy water saving, consumers can not know about this, some experts have shown that we should pay attention to check the test of the faucet. High quality shower faucet long life, consumers buy shower faucet to buy water saving. But how to choose. The full light condition, leading appearance should be a black as a mirror, no oxidation, mottled charred; other water should be no pores, no bubble, no plating leakage, uniform color; touch no burr, sand; used by a leading fingerprint appearance, probably soon scattered, and not easy to be attached scale.

Look to pick the black, the detection time, according to know.  Nearly 1/3 of the faucets are resistant to corrosion. Special attention should be paid to its corrosion resistance. It is known that the expert is marked. A lot of faucets in the production process, not the good substrate surface electroplating, greatly influenced by life inside of the tap impurities retained; some other faucet manufacturers in order to reduce the cost, shorten the plating time, the thickness of the coating is also smaller.

The connecting nut is to choose copper. There is no problem in the appearance of the shower, and some consumers have been able to meet this situation. When the device was found, the connecting nut was simply cracked. In this regard, consumers must pay attention to the investigation of the thickness of the connecting nut. The quality of the connecting nut of the shower is outstanding in the process of domestic assembly, which is marked by the experts. The connecting nut, which does not reach the national standard, is very easy to crack and the responsibility is difficult to define.