How To Choose Shower Faucet

- Dec 19, 2017 -

A good shower head can make you feel comfortable in hot water bath as well as an important tool for relaxing your mind. However, there are many kinds of shower faucets on the market, and the price difference is very big. How to choose a good shower faucet has become an important problem. Today, we have arranged some guide for the shower faucet to help you choose the best shower faucet.

Guide 1: self cleaning and persistent use

The shower clean will affect the service life of the shower faucet, shower faucet on the market now other diverse and beautiful, but the silicone head cleaning more convenient, because in the mild blocked situation can be extruded with a needle or silicone dredge outlet. In addition, if you look carefully, you can also see that the outlet of some shower faucets is exserted, so it is easier to clean up.

Because of calcareous water, stains and cleaners, shower faucets must have durability.

The fast descaling function, through QuickClean technology, can make the residue disappear by manual rotation. The shower faucet is equipped with water waves and active silica fours, which can easily remove stains and scale.

Guide two: select the spool

The ceramic spool is the best choice for the shower faucet.  Compared with the ordinary steel ball spool, the ceramic valve core has more excellent sealing performance, and the handle is more comfortable and smooth, and it can achieve a high number of opening times, and opens and closes quickly, which solves the problem of dripping.

Guide three: choose innovation technology

After the opening of the shower, the flow is gentle and comfortable, and it will not splash around. This is the effect of the AirPower air injection technology. Through a large area of inhaled air, the water droplets will become more full and soft.