Kitchen Faucet Six Rules

- Dec 19, 2017 -

Each Chinese family spends an average of two hours per day in the kitchen. How to make this time a smooth and happy time is the quality of life that we should pursue.

In the kitchen faucet, because of its unique features occupies a pivotal position: food, cleaning dishes and pans, finishing clean, almost all the housework all cannot do without the help of the faucet and sink. A good faucet manufacturer kitchen faucet should have 6 characteristics: water saving, durable, humanized, easy to clean, environmental friendly and convenient. We regard these 6 characteristics as 6 principles of happy kitchen time.

Rule 1: water saving

We should build a conservation oriented society, how can the water save the water? Well, the bubbling device of the faucet of the faucet manufacturer can slow down the speed of the water flow, keep the flow of the water at a constant speed, and the water flow slows down naturally, and the water volume is much smaller. Adding honeycomb limit plate allows the water to show bubbles out, don't you think less water, but because there was plenty of bubbles, feel soft, full of momentum.

Rule 2: durable

Whether the kitchen faucet is durable is related to the mood when cooking, which is related to the surface treatment process of the faucet manufacturer. Some faucet manufacturers once tested in the acid high temperature environment of pH close to 3, and found that they remained intact for more than 4 hours, indicating that their surface treatment technology is excellent. A consumer 10 years ago to buy a built-in steel ball valve kitchen faucet, now still as new, no leakage and damage, why is this? Because this stainless steel ball valve technology can ensure that the opening and closing of the 500 thousand times are smooth.

Rule 3: humanization

There is a pull kitchen faucet for the faucet manufacturers in the market. It can pull out the longest 1.5 meters stainless steel hose from the nozzle position, and the rotation angle can reach 360 degrees. The nozzle can easily reach the place where you need to wash or use water, so that cleaning can be fun. At the same time, the faucet also has two kinds of water out of the column and spray, and fully should be used in the kitchen to wash different items.

With the growing popularity of home dishwasher, a faucet manufacturer's kitchen faucet can connect dishwasher. The faucet is installed with a three pipe water separator at the inlet pipe, which is used to connect the cold water pipe, the hot water pipe and the dishwasher inlet pipe respectively. As long as the housewives rotate their handles simply, they can choose whether the water is flowing into the basin or the dishwasher.

The water outlet of some kitchen faucets also has a filter device to filter the impurities in the water to improve the hygienic quality of the kitchen water.

Rule 4: convenience

In the kitchen work often require two hands, often only a small finger. If only one finger can be used to control the temperature and water of the faucet, how convenient it is!  Now, there is a faucet manufacturer's faucet not only has a freely rotating control handle, but also has a button in the faucet position. The touch button can change the shape of the water column, and there is a turn button to control the water outlet.

Rule 5: easy to clean

Chinese cooking habits make the kitchen fume bigger, so it is easy to smear oil stains and water stains on the faucets. Cleaning has become a worrying problem, and after many times of cleaning, the surface of the tap is easy to lose its luster. If the faucet manufacturers surface treatment does not pass, may buy the product when the state is very good, but after a period of time, there will be coating color, off phenomenon, must understand the warranty so buy the tap, it is understood in general should not be less than 3 years, the quality of some water plant even to ensure long time.

Rule 6: environmental protection

Many people install soft water machine, which is said to be worried that the lead content in Chinese drinking water exceeds the standard, and a good faucet will filter out some impurities effectively. Compared with the faulty and ordinary faucets, the good faucets can give users a satisfactory guarantee.