Teach You To See The Shower Material

- Dec 19, 2017 -

If you want to buy a good shower, then you need to look at the material, so look at the shower.

Coating: in the wet environment such as toilet, shower spray will affect its material if it is not treated by electroplating. But the same is electroplating, but the difference in process disposal is very different. In light of the circumstances, the shower faucet surface should be a raven as a mirror, without any signs of burning, oxidation stain.

Tube: tube good is the use of copper, and to go through the process of grinding and polishing surface, dust, nickel, chrome and so on, so that we can ensure that will not change in the humid environment in the use of black hair, sparkling fall. Some merchants will use cast iron pipe as the whole copper pipe. The percussion of the whole copper tube is bright, and the sound of the cast iron pipe is depressed.

Spool: shower well the valve core are made of high hardness of the ceramic, smooth, wear-resisting, prevent leaking, consumers must begin to turn the switch to try, if feel poorer, it is best not to buy this shower. The qualified valve core can be switched 500 thousand times, the inferior quality can not reach this strength, it is easy to leak water.