The Appearance Of Ceramic Cartridge

- Mar 28, 2018 -

Due to the use of the helix rubber seal valve core, it is easy to leak water and waste water after using it for a period of time. In 1980s, for the beginning of the ceramic seal faucet introduced by Europe, it leads to the faucet revolution in our country.Faucet ceramic dynamic sealing technology overcomes rubber dynamic sealing technology, which makes the traditional up-and-down helix and rubber gasket seal becoming the history gradually. The faucet stepped into new stage. Now, most of kitchen mixer taps are using this kind of cartridge.



Ceramic cartridge has the features of anti-aging, anti-wearing and less pollution to water. The biggest characteristic is to open convenient, and save water. Anti-aging: ceramic pieces can basically ignore its deformation in the heat and cold, so the factor of aging doesn’t exist. Anti-wearing: ceramic pieces are hard like diamond. The cutter in ceramic can process various kinds of stiff metal. Its hardness exceeds other alloy cutters. Less pollution: the main constituent is aluminum oxide. It has super corrosion resistance and won’t peel off.It’s convenient to open and close. Ceramic piece can usually be rotated to 90 degree to reach the function of on-and off.


The ceramic cartridge is widely used in products such as bibcock and angle valve.





The structure of the ceramic cartridge.





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