The Heart - Valve Core Of The Faucet

- Dec 19, 2017 -

The heart part of the faucet is its spool, which determines the quality of the faucet. All, select a good faucet. We need to know the spool of the faucet first.

There are three kinds of common spool core: ceramic valve spool, steel ball valve core and axle roll type valve core. The three types of valve core are characterized by the integrity, the whole valve shaft is one, and the repair and replacement are easy to be installed. Ceramic valve spool has the advantages of low price and less pollution to water, but the ceramic is brittle and easy to break. The stainless steel ball valve is a kind of leading valve core with high scientific and technological content. Because it is not affected by the impurities in the water, it will not shorten the service life. In the selection of faucets, the ordinary consumer is first concerned with the appearance of the shape, in fact, the more important is its function and the way of water. After the quality is guaranteed, the function of the faucet should be considered.

The faucet should be well coordinated with the decoration style. Nowadays, the leading brands of some famous brands in the market usually have different styles. When buying, they can choose according to their own preferences and other bathroom products.

With the development of science and technology, the water outlet of the faucet is becoming more and more exquisite. In addition to the common way of water that we have been accustomed to, for example, some faucets, through special devices, mix water and air in advance, producing milk like soft water, reducing the flow force and achieving the water-saving effect. If you require in the home all day long hot water supply, then select a high quality mixed faucet is very necessary. General mixed tap water is not stable, easy to hot and cold, and some mixed faucet is provided with an adjusting water heater controller, can effectively regulate the flow of water into the mixing tank.