2 Way Angle Valve

2 Way Angle Valve is widely used in the bathroom and kitchen room. It will be safe to turn off when you want to change the faucet or toilet.

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Product Details

Product Details



1.Please have a professional to install it in a good place to avoid accidental damage.

2.Before installation, please be sure to clean out the sand and debris of the water pipe joint, in case the ceramic chip is blocked to result in water leaking.

3.When installing, do not use the hand wheel to tighten. Cover the valve body with a few layers of cloth, paper towel or other cushions so on, use the wrench to hold the body rotation to tighten. If body is not covered by the buffer, the surface of 2 way angle valve may be affected.

4.After installation, it should be opened to test if there is no leakage. Generally, it can be confirmed for about 15 minutes. The valve should be closed if the pipe is not installed.

cleaning and maintenance

1.Clean it with clean water. For easy removal of stains, clean water can be used. The faucet should be cleaned regularly, and then dried with soft cloth after washing.

2.Use a mild detergent. For stains that are difficult to remove, use a mild and neutral liquid or a colorless glass cleaner.

3.Avoid contact with strong acid. The material is mostly brass, alloy, iron, plastic and so on, contact with strong acid goods can produce chemical reaction, damage 2 way angle valve.


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