Angle Valve Toilet

This structure of angle valve toilet is simple, easy to operate.

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Product Details

Product Details



This structure is simple, easy to operate. The triangle handle is beautiful and generous with "color mark". It is more convenient and clear when used.

1.The product has the following main functions:

  • The connection of inner and outer outlet. When the water pressure is too high, it can control the flow by adjusting the opening and closing range of the angle valve toilet, thus changing the effect of pressure.

  • The "front end" of waterways can control each waterway separately. If the "back end" device, such as a faucet, is leaking, it can close the angle valve toilet of the relevant waterway. Only to close the relevant waterway, and do not need to close the main valve, so as not to affect the use of other waterways. It’s easy to do and it is the essential water heating fittings in the home decoration.

2.The production process:

  •  Raw materials (copper)--cut off by using materials--high temperature forging--surface treatment-machining-polishing, electroplating-assembly-inspection-packaging.

  •  The whole production process is in a controllable state, and each link has strict quality control, and the final inspection is 100% tested. Before packing, the sampling method should be checked, and if the sampling rate is more than 0.3 percent, a comprehensive rework will be carried out, and the non-qualified rate of sampling inspection should be controlled within 0.3 percent.

It can only be packed in plastic bags, and many pieces are packed in boxes to avoid the collision of products, so as to ensure the surface quality and avoid unnecessary damage.

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