Pressure Reducing Valve

The pressure relief valve is suitable for installation where it needs decompression, or in the front of exhaust/foul line.

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Pressure reducing valve

Product Details


The pressure relief valve is suitable for installation where it needs decompression, or in the front of exhaust/foul line.

Pressure reducing vale adopts new type piston structure- simple structure, strong durability and easy to operate.

The piston of it can be opened manually, and when the piston is fully opened, the piston is still on the exhaust valve and can’t be "unloaded" directly to avoid the loss and loss of the piston.


The decompression structure can not only realize the exhaust gas, but also realize the blow-down. The position design of the pressure relief hole in the body is strictly considered to prevent the product from being connected to the main pipe.


The whole product is thickened, from pressure cap, stem, ball core to body, all made of high quality brass. It has the virtues of safety, proof pressure and explosion proof. G thread design, the effective length of the joints is increased and the sealing is increased.

The product is designed according to the standard of EN13828, and the product safety performance design is strengthened on this basis, so as to improve the strength of the sealing test -- water test + air test, and torque test, to ensure the use of safety.

This product belongs to a safety valve. We have the perfect product with quality traceability system. For the whole process of production of dynamic monitoring, the user can identify the product batch on the body, so as to realize the full traceability of the quality problem.

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