Y Type Strainer

This valve is Y type - filter - ball valve is convenient to clean and can easily remove the sewage outlet.

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Product Details

Item no.: B1151

Product Details

This valve is Y type - filter - ball valve.

The product advocates the service tenet of "invisible place, show you to get safe".

Product design idea: economic, practical, environmental protection, long service life, low failure rate and easy to replace.

Product material: HPB59-1

Surface treatment: primary color, fine sand (frosting treatment). The surface is made according to customer requirements with clear water indication arrow specifications and nominal pressure.

The product emphasizes high quality performance, the model design is concise to combine the function, the aesthetic and the environmental protection in one body, the precision work is to cast every detail.

It is convenient to clean and can easily remove the sewage outlet. The sealing washer of the sewage outlet is recycled by environmental-protection material, and the replacement is convenient. Stainless steel filter is made of high quality 304 S.S. material which is not rust, easy to clean, easy to install, easy to use mesh and easy to plug.

The stem seal structure adopts "gland" structure form with better seal, which can eliminate the valve stem out of leakage phenomenon.

The handle is made of fine steel and the mechanical properties are better. We can change the handle style according to the customer's requirement.

The product thread adopts the precision machining of NC machine which can ensure the precision and the maximum effective use length and make the valve connection more strengthened, moreover further increase the sealing performance.

Before the whole valve goes out of the factory, the blasting seal test will be conducted.The working medium of Y type strainer is water, oil, gas, etc. Working temperature - 10 ℃ or less t 120 ℃ or less; The nominal pressure is 2.5mpa, 2.0mpa and 1.6mpa respectively.

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